Date of Award

Fall 2013

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A football program that has historically struggled to win games, is now winning conference championships year in and year out. The only thing that appears to be able to stop them is themselves. As a result, the university has received record donations from alumni all over the country. The university is expanding with new buildings and facilities that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Ticket prices are through the roof, and games are being sold out in a couple days' time. Not only that, but the applications for incoming freshman have more than quadrupled since the last losing season. With all of this expansion and money coming in the players have nothing to show for it, with the possible exception of a college degree and often not even that. Is all of this just a huge coincidence, or is it a result of the recent success of the football team is the direct cause of the school's gained popularity. This is a story that has repeated itself many times, all over the country.