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Fordham Digital Scholarship Consortium (FDSC)

The FDSC brings together faculty, administrators, IT specialists, librarians, and graduate students to promote digital research and pedagogy at Fordham University. Founded in 2017, FDSC grew out of the Digital Humanities Working Group, which had been active at Fordham since 2010. With support from the Fordham Research Office, it has been able to sponsor a wide variety of events, including two international conferences, workshops, speakers, the Fordham Digital Collaboratory, and funding opportunities for digital scholarship and pedagogy. For information on events and projects, contact Micki McGee . To join the mailing list, contact .

Practical DH

Practical DH, sponsored by FDSC, is a series of short, one-hour workshops designed to offer concrete, specific information and hands-on introductions to a variety of digital tools and approaches for research and pedagogy. These pages contain schedules of past workshops and links to the slides or other materials presented in specific workshops. For further information, contact Maryanne Kowaleski at .

Digital Praxis

This site concentrates on digital pedagogy by listing workshops and lectures at Fordham on integrating digital tools into teaching, linking to examples of digital pedagogy projects at Fordham, and offering information on best practices. For further information, contact Katherina Fostano at .