Chosen words: Mathematical discourse and agency in secondary math educator preparation

Joyce Ann Cook, Fordham University


This study recognized the importance of discourse in the preparation of pre-service mathematics educators. Using discourse analysis, the study identified the discourse elements used by university faculty instructors in the preparation of secondary math educators, with a specific emphasis on NCTM-identified discourse activities, as well administrative and social classroom discourses and their effect on teaching practice. The study further explored the role that discourse may have played in the development of agency among pre-service math educators. It examined agentive paralinguistic cueing and other non-discourse elements of communication, such as proxemics, gesturing, and eye contact. The study supported the use of NCTM-identified discourse in math educator preparation and recognized the duality of procedural and conceptual didactics in secondary math educator preparation. Additional findings included a continuity and commonality of paralinguistic cues, hand gestures and a discourse variance between elementary and secondary didactic discourse.^

Subject Area

Mathematics education|Linguistics|Secondary education

Recommended Citation

Cook, Joyce Ann, "Chosen words: Mathematical discourse and agency in secondary math educator preparation" (2016). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10160709.