On God's Holy Mountain: The Maronite People on Pilgrimage

Fred Abi-Hassoun, Fordham University


This study explores the educational practices of the Syriac Antiochene Maronite Catholic Church in the United States of America. The guiding question of this study is: “What ought to be the educational practices of the Maronite Church to allow for the richness of the religious tradition to be more effectively accessible to the Maronite person living in the public world of the United States of America?” In response to the current research question, the hypothesis of the study is: In important educational areas, the current educational practices of the Contemporary Antiochene Syriac Maronite Church of the United States of America are in need of reform and complimentary alternative forms of education. Advocating a renewed pedagogical vision and curriculum for the Maronite Church in the United States is the response to the current needs of the church. The study utilizes educational and historical critical analysis as two methods to understand and unveil the educational practices used in the Maronite Church. Through critical analysis of the four educational practices of texts, family faith sharing and storytelling, Qurbono, and communal modeling, the study investigates the strengths and limitations of four key educational categories practiced by the Maronite Church. The study concludes with advocacy for a re-newed pedagogy and curriculum for Maronite religious education in the United States.

Subject Area

Religious education

Recommended Citation

Abi-Hassoun, Fred, "On God's Holy Mountain: The Maronite People on Pilgrimage" (2017). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI10265982.