Detection of Aberrant Responding on Tests with Filter Questions

Jonathan Lehrfeld, Fordham University


In the field of testing and measurement, person-fit statistics are used to investigate the degree of aberrant responding in a sample of test takers (Meijer, 1996). An aberrant response is one that is improbable given the model under which the test was developed and the respondent’s standing on the trait being measured (Meijer & Sijtsma, 1995; Tatsuoka & Tatsuoka, 1982). There are varieties of person-fit statistics that may be appropriate for different test formats, but as of yet there is no appropriate method of investigating aberrant responding on tests with filter questions.

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Lehrfeld, Jonathan, "Detection of Aberrant Responding on Tests with Filter Questions" (2013). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13853364.