The Relationship Between Faculty Training and Pedagogical Practice in Post-secondary Music Conservatories

Margaret Koozer, Fordham University


Using non-experimental, cross-sectional predictive design, this study sought to examine the relationship between the type of training faculty receive and the pedagogical practices employed when teaching academic coursework in post-secondary music conservatories. The study also sought to identify the types of training and development activities in which conservatory faculty have participated as well as better define the instructional practices used in teaching academic coursework. A total of 610 conservatory faculty from nine music conservatories in the United States were emailed to complete an online survey using Qualtrics. The survey collected data regarding the nature of training or faculty development activity received by a faculty member (pre-service training, in-service training, and self-directed training) and high-impact, student-centered instructional practices grounded in the Constructivist Theory (experiential learning, collaborative group work, use of technology/blended learning, and presence of learning outcomes and goals) used when teaching academic coursework. Though the purpose of this initial study was to identify the potential effect of faculty training on teaching practices, the broader purpose was to identify possible practices in faculty preparation and faculty development that may support effective teaching and, as a result, student learning. Implications for leadership in the areas of faculty development and supporting effective student learning in higher education are also discussed.

Subject Area

Pedagogy|Music education|Higher education

Recommended Citation

Koozer, Margaret, "The Relationship Between Faculty Training and Pedagogical Practice in Post-secondary Music Conservatories" (2019). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI13883416.