Sexual Violence in the Animal Industry

Natalie Picon, Fordham University


The aim of this thesis is to shed light on the sexual violence in the animal industry. From pigs to salmon to chicken, all animal products and by-products come about from sexual violence inflicted by humans. Animals are sentient beings that can feel pain, form relationships with animals and humans, and possess a will to live. Yet they are brought into this world with the purpose not of their own. They are ripped from their mother’s arms and killed for their tender flesh. They are sexually stimulated against their will in order to artificially inseminate female animals for forced reproduction. They have their throats slit open, stomachs ripped apart, are electrocuted and suffocated. Their short existence on this earth is filled with pain, suffering and violence. It is everyday people that perform these atrocities. By seeing animals as a what, rather than a who, such violence can be inflicted without remorse. By discussing the societal implications of violence, meat consumption and sexual violence of animals, a connection between human and animal is made. Only through understanding the truth of the animal industry, respecting the interconnectivity between all living beings and proactively refusing to participate in the suffering can this exploitation and slaughter end.

Subject Area

Ethics|Sexuality|Womens studies

Recommended Citation

Picon, Natalie, "Sexual Violence in the Animal Industry" (2020). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI27737543.