Instructional Coaching: A Method for Shifting Teacher Professional Practice

Patricia Murray, Fordham University


This study examines the effectiveness of a research-based instructional coaching model that combines content-specific coaching, coaching cycles, teacher-directed learning, and co-teaching. The model was used as a professional development strategy to shift teacher professional practice and increase student growth in literacy. Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, qualitative and qualitative data were analyzed, including teacher surveys, teacher interviews, teacher evaluation scores, and student achievement data. Teachers reacted positively to the coaching model and reported many positive shifts to their instructional practice. Teachers perceived increased shifts in student achievement; however, increased student achievement was not evidenced in the data. This study offers important implications for school and district leaders as it highlights the ways in which teachers prefer to learn. Instructional coaching models should be on-going and teacher- directed with a strengths-based approach. This allows teachers to drive their own learning processes and build a positive relationship with their instructional coach.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Teacher education

Recommended Citation

Murray, Patricia, "Instructional Coaching: A Method for Shifting Teacher Professional Practice" (2020). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI27741700.