Informed Consent and the Provision of Bereavement Support in Hospice Agencies

Theresa Stewart Moran, Fordham University


Hospice agencies are mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to offer bereavement support to family members of the terminal patient. A purposeful national sample of hospice agencies was conducted by online cross-section survey with 160 responses to investigate informed consent practices for providing bereavement support. Original measures were used for the independent variables including clinician’s professional characteristics, agency characteristics, and specific types of bereavement support interventions as well as the dependent variables, including eight components of informed consent practices. Death competence was measured using the Bugen Coping With Death Scale. Membership in a national hospice organization, number of sources of education for death, dying, and bereavement and for ethics, provision of psychotherapy, and confidence in speaking to children about death and dying were the variables with the most associations with informed consent practices. No structured bereavement support standards of practice or informed consent behavior trends were found.

Subject Area

Social work|Ethics

Recommended Citation

Moran, Theresa Stewart, "Informed Consent and the Provision of Bereavement Support in Hospice Agencies" (2020). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI27964495.