Marxist Philosophy of Religion

Matthias Chen, Fordham University


It is a fact of modern history that Communism is characterized by a constant antagonism towards religion. In 1917, immediately after the successful Communist Revolution, a violent persecution of religion swept Russia. The cruel martyrdom of Father Pro occurred during the brief period of Communist control in Mexico. During the civil war in Spain, in less than three years, more than seventy two hundred priests, seminarians, and religious of both sexes, not to mention laymen, were killed by Communists for no other crime than their Catholic faith. In recent years, more widely than ever, in the whole of Eastern Europe and several parts of Asia, wherever Communists have gotten the upper hand, there religious persecutions have broken out.

Subject Area

Philosophy|Philosophy of religion|Political science|Religion

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Chen, Matthias, "Marxist Philosophy of Religion" (1958). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28623419.