Modifications of the Marxian Dialectics in V.I. Lenin

Dominick A Iorio, Fordham University


CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Unlike many other philosophies, dialectical materialism throbs with awesome vitality in today's world. Willingly or unwillingly a staggering portion of the earth is already under the domination of this powerful ideology and already is learning to express itself in the idiom of Marxism. Intellectuals on both sides of the Iron Curtain find in Marxism an attraction that is not difficult to understand. Dialectical materialism, since the days of Marx and Engels, has been able to challenge its critica to explain as much as it claims to explain of social reality. The contemporary intellectual is often drawn with little struggle or reluctance to this philosophy, which appears to be scientific without sacrificing a profound sense of purpose, urgency and mission rooted in history. For some Marxism appears to be a science which is at the same time an ethics, a materialism which is also an idealism. Lenin himself expressed a similar idea when he wrote in 1894: The irresistible power of attraction that draws the Socialists of all countries to this theory lies indeed in the fact that it combines strict and profound science (being the last word in social science) with revolutionism, and combines them not by chance,...but intrinsically and inseparably, in the theory itself.

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Iorio, Dominick A, "Modifications of the Marxian Dialectics in V.I. Lenin" (1960). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI28673367.