Rapid Development and Neighborhood Change in Mott Haven

Kayla L Velez, Fordham University


Waterfront redevelopment has long been in the interests of government and private developers in cities worldwide. Through a combination of ethnographic fieldwork and urban historical research, this study explores how different aspects of gentrification, such as neighborhood rebranding, waterfront redevelopment, and luxury mixed-use mega projects, contribute to the displacement of original residents in the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx. This study builds on the expanding literature on residential and psychological displacement, finding that residents have been physically displaced and experience negative emotions associated with rapid development and neighborhood change.

Subject Area

Sociology|Urban planning

Recommended Citation

Velez, Kayla L, "Rapid Development and Neighborhood Change in Mott Haven" (2022). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29207400.