Teaching Greek Poetry in High School

Mary Albert, Fordham University


The purpose of this dissertation is to discuss the Teaching of Greek Poetry in High School. The subject-matter falls logically into three· divisions: WHY, WHAT and HOW. Part I aims to explain the fundamental reasons for the proposed course. Part II offers a rather generous selection of Greek master-pieces suitable to modern students Part III considers the capacity, the needs and the interests of the average student, the qualifications of the teachers of Greek Poetry, and suggests methods of presenting the material in the most effective manner. Throughout, the author has striven to bear in mind the already crowded English curriculum, at the same time endeavoring to humanize the teaching of Greek Poetry and to raise it above a mere monotonous study of mechanical details. For assistance in preparing this treatise, the author wishes to acknowledge her indebtedness to the writers of the works listed under Bibliography, and to her students and fellow teachers, of whose genuine enthusiasm and encouragement, it is an evolution and outgrowth.

Subject Area

Secondary education|Classical Studies|Classical literature

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Albert, Mary, "Teaching Greek Poetry in High School" (1925). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281755.