The Lithuanian School and Its Service for Good Citizenship

Joseph John Simonaitis, Fordham University


There is a feeling in Catholic as well as non-Catholic circles that the Lithuanian School is conducive to racial isolation. A daily contact with it for over ten years has confirmed a conviction that such notions are without foundation. It is the purpose of this essay to shed some light on the beneficial aspects of this type ot school with particular reference to it's service for the educational objective of Good Citizenship. Information is scarce concerning foreign language schools, while data on Lithuanian schools in the United States is lacking altogether in English, and is very sparse even in Lithuanian itself. Father Koncius or Mt. Carmel, Pa. recently wrote a work on the origins of the Lithuanian teaching Sisterhood of St. Casimir in Lithuanian, in which the topic of Lithuanian schools is briefly mentioned. In the face of this poverty or authorship, actual experience, tradition, and a life-time spent among the Lithuanian people of the United States, will have to play an important part in a survey or new ground, such as this essay.

Subject Area

Educational evaluation|Educational sociology

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Simonaitis, Joseph John, "The Lithuanian School and Its Service for Good Citizenship" (1933). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281776.