A Clinical Study of Conduct Disorders Among School Children

Margaret Patricia Liss, Fordham University


One of the most valuable phases of this work is the early detection and recognition of symptoms as noted in the child's abnormal personality tendencies, and the application of preventative measures which will contribute to a more normal development. This calls for a study of and an understanding of the individual personality. Every child is different and unique combination of capacities, tendencies, and acquirements; some derived from his ancestry; some acquired by himself. These make up his traits, temperament, disposition, character and personality. These affect his behavior. From this we see that every problem is a different problem and each should be appreciated as such. It follows that all treatment and care should be flexible and made to meet the needs of the different individual children and their problems.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Clinical psychology|Personality psychology

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Liss, Margaret Patricia, "A Clinical Study of Conduct Disorders Among School Children" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281783.