Some Aspects of Child Care in Group System Institutions

Hilma Jeannette Carlson, Fordham University


In institutions there is an opportunity to develop habits of devotion in the children by visits to the chapel, by novenas, by devotions for the various feast days. Confession is an important factor in the development of character. Care must be taken that it does not become a routine performance to which the children go only in classes or groups. They should be encouraged to go to confession and communion regularly of their own volition. This is true also of night and morning prayers. Where these are said in common, children should be taught to say short prayers privately at their bedside, before leaving the dormitory in the morning and before they get into bed at night. In later life they will have to act in these matters on their own initiative and will not leave the prompting of concerted action.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Religious education|Social work

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Carlson, Hilma Jeannette, "Some Aspects of Child Care in Group System Institutions" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281817.