Can Education Be Separated From Religion?

Lawrence Joseph Catherine A Malanaphy, Fordham University


This paper whose aim has been to make patent that religion is not exterior to and separate from education but an inevitable and irrepressible part of it. The definition of education, the history of nations, the intellectual constitution of man, the great masters and their works, the principles of the makers of our nation, and the examples of voluntary reversion to religion have been brought to bear on the truth of the Thesis. And since the discussion was opened with the views of public officials on the topic, it is also in keeping (with the writer's desire to avoid prejudice), to close with the same in the words of the District Attorney in Brooklyn, addressing parents, school-teachers, and social workers recently - "Our modern criminals do not lack academic education. Many of them have had the benefits of a high school and college training. What we need today, for our young people, is more home life and more religion."

Subject Area

Education|Religious education|Social work

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Malanaphy, Lawrence Joseph Catherine A, "Can Education Be Separated From Religion?" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281838.