The True Aim of Education

M. Dolores Anastasia I Oliver, Fordham University


In order to determine the purpose of education, let us consider the nature of the child as the subject of education. To cultivate, to train, to develop, to strengthen and to bring to due perfection all the faculties, physical, intellectual, moral and religious which constitute the child nature and human dignity, such is the work of education. The aim, then, of education is the progressive and ordered development of the powers (faculties) of soul and body that so they may be made efficient for the duties of life. Let us take the child and study him. He is composed of body and soul. He is an animal, it is true; but he is more than that - he is a "religious animal" as he is a rational creature of God.

Subject Area

Educational psychology|Education|Religious education

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Oliver, M. Dolores Anastasia I, "The True Aim of Education" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281842.