The Relation of Christian Ethics to Education

Mother Genevieve O'Connor, Fordham University


In support of the arguments which I have used with regard to moral solidity, I might refer here to the methods used by the great Fenelon in his education of the Duke of Burgundy; to the idea of an over-ruling Providence which was the theme of so many of the works of Bossuet, so that he has been called "The Apostle of Providence". But especially, I would point to the work done by Father Louie Bourdaloue, at the Court of Louis XIV, Bourdaloue the essential moralist. He was speaking to an audience which believed in the truths of Christianity. It remained for him to drive home to them with his resistless logic the truths about themselves that were the conclusions from that faith. He has been called "L'athlete de la raison combattant pour la foi" ,and a study of his life and works reveals the force of that expression. What he accomplished is apparent from the conversions with which he is credited, and especially with that of the King, who owed him salvation, under God, to the power of the "King of Preachers and the Preacher of Kings." Furthermore, if we examine the history of Modern Thought, we find that it is the perversion of philosophy which has led to the loss of faith and the consequent lowering of morals which has followed in its wake. The Great Apostle has well said, "We must be ready to give an account of the faith that is in us."

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