Feminine Secondary Education in the Church

Mary Charlotte, Fordham University


Woman must be educated not to find her delight as a solitary. with her books as her best companions, but in the center of the home where she must make herself and her home so attractive as to charm the homefolk; so that her husband will hasten from his place of business, and her sons and daughters will hasten from school, all to join the home circle. Moreover the conditions of the times make it imperative for Catholic women to be conspicuous among womankind in every movement in which women so largely figure in our day. It is imperative that they should be equipped intellectually not only to meet, but to mold currents of opinion and lines of action. We need, as never before so urgently, more thoroughly trained and more highly trained women, and we need them in legion. Recent statistics show that there are 26,796 female students attending the 74 Catholic Woman Colleges of the United States, while 30% of our Girl High School graduates enter Junior Colleges, Normal Schools or other institutions of professional training.

Subject Area

Womens studies|Religious education

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Charlotte, Mary, "Feminine Secondary Education in the Church" (1926). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281856.