A Social History of Toledo State Hospital: 1888-1948

Dorothy Marion Wideman, Fordham University


It is the purpose of this history to trace in chronological order the early plans and development of Toledo State Hospital from 1888 to 1948. The writer is interested in a comprehensive understanding of the social process that led to the establishment and the growth of Toledo State Hospital. There will be no attempt to study the individual cases in the hospital nor will there be a follow up on out-patients in regard to the percentage of recovery. However, there will be statistical charts to show the increasing number of patients admitted and how they were divided according to tentative diagnoses. Some pages will be devoted to the various types of mental illnesses and how effective and lasting are the uses of insulin, metrazol, and, electric shock therapy.

Subject Area

Mental health|Social work

Recommended Citation

Wideman, Dorothy Marion, "A Social History of Toledo State Hospital: 1888-1948" (1949). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281873.