Educational Guidance: A Solution of the High School Problem

Sister M. Cyril Aaron, Fordham University


The foregoing consideration evinces the fact that an earnest exploitation of the project of educational guidance furnishes a solution of many of the problems perplexing the minds of school men today. Intelligently pursued, the enterprise of the Study Supervisor is bound to affect educational procedure in a very constructive manner. With the opportunity to diagnose the special abilities and disabilities of pupils, the Study Supervisor becomes an invaluable agent in the school. She might be called the beacon which guides the educator along the way of proper adjustments, for in the light of the diagnosis, prognosis, and recommendations which she ls qualified to furnish, greater understanding of the problem of individual differences is obtained; wise methods of adjusting curricula to the needs of the individual are unfolded; special and more effective methods of teaching are recommended; and the pupil, the teacher, the school, and society participate in advantages which under the present organization of the school regime they are unable to realize.

Subject Area

Secondary education|Education Policy|School counseling

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Aaron, Sister M. Cyril, "Educational Guidance: A Solution of the High School Problem" (1925). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281875.