A Study of the Negro Welfare Project Administered by the Lutheran Welfare Council, New York City

Bernice Elmere Samuels, Fordham University


In March of 1945 the Negro Welfare Project under the administration of the Lutheran Welfare Council, New York City, was begun. At this writing phases of the project are functioning at four parishes and one agency. These are Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, St. John's Lutheran Church, Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and the Metropolitan Inner Mission Society. The author will attempt to answer the questions which are raised by the statement that these parishes have the same policies and supervision, but evidence a variation in the type of program each offers its community. Some of these questions are: What is the over all program; What is the level of development of the program at each parish; Are there specific advantages or limitations in the physical setting which influence the type of program carried on in each parish? The purpose is to show how the project has met parish and community needs, how the community center work programs have specifically met the social needs of the adolescent boy and girl. In presenting these facts therefore, it will be necessary to discuss, generally, the needs of the adolescent boy and girl, and to discuss the problems arising when their social needs are not met. No attempt will be made to discuss the maladjusted or the highly problematic adolescent. The author recognizes her subjectivity in relation to adolescents in her belief that this is the most important period of life requiring the greatest need for skillfully planned programs. It is also her belief that the church should play a major role in realizing potential, mature and moral adults.

Subject Area

Developmental psychology|Social work|African American Studies

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Samuels, Bernice Elmere, "A Study of the Negro Welfare Project Administered by the Lutheran Welfare Council, New York City" (1949). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281882.