Seminary Education

John B O'Mara, Fordham University


We have encompassed in thought this subject in broad outline as a discussion -for another and subsequent dissertation which shall be offered, God willing, towards the degree or Doctor of Philosophy. Such a discussion would include a consideration of the history and development of the ever present effort in the Church to nurture and train vocations to the Priesthood, the systems of education and institutions which were evoked into being as a result of such effort; the methods, aims, results and probable reasons for success or failure of these several systems. Also, special consideration will be given to the Seminary, strictly so called, as the legislative creature of the Council of Trent - its aim and method, seminary professors and students and course of study and educational administration affecting each. Attention and reflection would also be given to the execution of the Decree of Trent in the several countries of Europe and America, notice being taken of the accommodation made in the execution and development. And lastly, a survey and appreciation with recommendations of present day seminary education.

Subject Area

Education|Religious education

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O'Mara, John B, "Seminary Education" (1925). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281884.