Education Belongs to the Parents First, to the State Last

Meinrad Joseph Rouck, Fordham University


In this discussion, it shall be our purpose to locate the authority which primarily controls the affair of education. In the present state of affairs two societies or authorities are bidding for this control. They are the parents and the state. Now the question arises: Who has the first right and corresponding duty to control the school and to determine the character of an educational system? When there is question of the rights of the state in connection with education, a source of much confusion lies in the indiscriminate use of the term education itself. Hence, before attempting to place this control in the hands of either the parents or the state, it will be necessary to point out the meaning and purpose of education and to establish the principles upon which the educational structure must rest.

Subject Area

Educational evaluation|Individual & family studies

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Rouck, Meinrad Joseph, "Education Belongs to the Parents First, to the State Last" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29281885.