Mission Education in the Catholic School

Anita Cecelia Feeney, Fordham University


In an endeavor to show, then, that the spread of the mission ideal should form an integral part of the religious curriculum in every Catholic School, we purpose to treat the subject under four main heads: a)The great need of mission work in itself b)The command of Christ makes it a sacred duty for all Catholics to help in extending the truths of holy Faith c)The course in mission education should be correlated with the curriculum of secular studies, without detriment to the latter, and to the great benefit of the former d)The success of mission education rests entirely on the combined efforts of clergy and teachers one complementing and sustaining the other

Subject Area

Religious education

Recommended Citation

Feeney, Anita Cecelia, "Mission Education in the Catholic School" (1935). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282550.