The Commercial Motion Picture as an Agency of Character Education

Joseph F Coughlin, Fordham University


Does the commercial motion picture fall under this divine censure and condemnation? Has the cinema been guilty of this heinous crime of scandalizing the pure and the precious? To obtain data necessary to reach conclusions that will solve these perplexing questions, the subject of this study will have to be placed under careful investigation. However, before this is to be done, there must be given as a foundation a statement and exposition of what ls meant by the term ''character and what constitutes, as far as this work is concerned, a program of character education. Thereupon, in the light of this definition of terms and objectives, a survey will be made to examine, firstly, what has been the position of the commercial cinema as an agency of character education; secondly, what is its status today as an adjunct in character development and, lastly, what could be its possibilities in character promotion. From the findings of this investigation, evaluated and critically examined in the light of the fundamental principles, there can be concluded the advantages and the disadvantages of the commercial motion picture as an agency of character education.

Subject Area

Personality psychology|Education|Film studies|Educational sociology

Recommended Citation

Coughlin, Joseph F, "The Commercial Motion Picture as an Agency of Character Education" (1937). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282556.