Composition: Methods and Devices for Vitalizing It

Catherine Sullivan, Fordham University


When have we achieved the ultimate goal in composition? is a question which arises in the minds of many teachers. Composition is a very difficult subject to evaluate or judge results in. True modern educational institutions and leaders have produced a series of scales by which to measure or rate composition results. The Hillegas, Hudelson, Willing, Nassau County and Harvard-Newton scales are very widely used. They answer a certain need in the field of composition, but they are not the true test of results. If we ask ourselves the question, "Are the children improving in their speech habits, their vocabulary, their fluency and their ability to do research work? Is their faith in themselves increasing? Do they find real joy in their work?" and the echo answers "Yes", to all three, then our work shall not have been in vain.

Subject Area

Language arts|Instructional Design|Rhetoric

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Sullivan, Catherine, "Composition: Methods and Devices for Vitalizing It" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282588.