Diocesan Systems of Uniform Elementary School Examinations

Estella Arnold, Fordham University


As the title of this study indicates, the writer is concerned with uniform diocesan elementary school examinations. The basis of this research study is the problem, WHAT SYSTEMS OF UNIFORM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS OPERATE IN THE VARIOUS DIOCESES OF THE UNITED STATES? The method or plan of procedure adopted by the various dioceses in regard to this phase of elementary education is, therefore, the central theme of the present survey. By it the investigator purposes to determine the manner in which the various dioceses of the United States provide for uniform elementary school examinations and to describe the organization and operation of these systems or plans. In addition the writer intends to supplement this information by indicating the viewpoints of diocesan superintendents on various phases of uniform diocesan elementary school examinations. Accordingly the major elements to be considered in this problem are: 1. The organization and administration of the various diocesan systems 2. The operation of these diocesan systems 3. Unique features of individual diocesan systems, and 4. The viewpoints of diocesan superintendents concerning uniform elementary school examinations.

Subject Area

Educational tests & measurements|Educational administration|Elementary education

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Arnold, Estella, "Diocesan Systems of Uniform Elementary School Examinations" (1939). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282605.