Education in the United States: A State or a Federal Function

Brother Finan, Fordham University


In my dissertation, I shall endeavor to prove as a loyal American citizen, apart from any religious affiliation, that education in the United States is a State rather than a Federal function. I shall first state reasons to show that it is a State function. Second, I shall state the most important arguments of those who advocate Federal control, next I shall produce arguments against Federal control. From a citizen's point of view here the matter rests. For nowhere in the bill do I find any words to imply, as in the Oregon case, that if education were under Federal control there would be any more danger to private schools than under State control. However, as a Catholic citizen, one of approximately twenty million. I will supplement my arguments by a statement of the Church's attitude on education and the dangers hidden behind this bill that we as voters and good citizens should know.

Subject Area

Educational evaluation|Education Policy

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Finan, Brother, "Education in the United States: A State or a Federal Function" (1933). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282626.