The Effect of Deserved Praise and Reproof Upon Classroom Performance

Salvatore G DiMichael, Fordham University


In many of the previous experiments on the effects of praise and reproof, these incentives were not given as they were deserved suggesting the possibility that the subjects may have become 'test-wise', confused or both. This would have produced artificial situations which were opposed to good methodology. The present study sought to escape such unsound practices by giving incentives as they were deserved. Thus, superior classroom performances on the testing material were praised, inferior grades were reproved and those who made scores which ranked them in the middle of the group were ignored.

Subject Area

Educational evaluation|Educational psychology

Recommended Citation

DiMichael, Salvatore G, "The Effect of Deserved Praise and Reproof Upon Classroom Performance" (1939). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282627.