The Frequency of the Application of Shorthand Principles

M. Paula Bero, Fordham University


The purpose of the study was to secure definite date on principle frequency in Gregg Shorthand with a view toward rendering more effective classroom drill. Principle frequency, as found in the eleven thousand, nine hundred and three words contained in two hundred general business letters was determined by a classification of the twenty-four thousand, one hundred and three principles used in the outlines of the words analyzed. It may then be concluded that, with the aid of the data secured, the instructor in shorthand will be in a position to attain the best possible results in drill work, enabling his students to increase their dictation speed to rates more nearly approaching those attained by experts

Subject Area

Educational evaluation|Education

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Bero, M. Paula, "The Frequency of the Application of Shorthand Principles" (1934). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282629.