A Study of the Marking System of a Small Catholic College

Victor John Rafinski, Fordham University


The problem undertaken in this study, stated in the form of a question, is: What does a study of the present system of marking at St. Francis College and of the distributions of marks under such a system reveal, and what recommendations can be made to improve the system? The problem has a twofold nature. First, its solution depends on an adequate evaluation of the present marking system in the institution under consideration. Secondly, upon the basis of this evaluation, recommendations are to be made to improve the present system, or to aid in the formation of a system that will be suitable to the particular needs and circumstances of the small college.

Subject Area

Educational tests & measurements|Educational evaluation|Higher education

Recommended Citation

Rafinski, Victor John, "A Study of the Marking System of a Small Catholic College" (1933). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29282638.