Development of the Methods of Teaching Music in American Public Schools

Conrad A Richard, Fordham University


It is doubtful if there was a time in the history of our school system, more opportune than the present, for stressing the importance of music in our school curriculum. We are fast approaching the century mark when music was first introduced into our school system, after numerous efforts to get it there. During those many years we have had access to countless excellent teachers, we have made use of tried and worthy methods, we have had plenty and good material to work with, and immense sums have been expended for music education in our schools, still and all, have we not good reasons to question whether the results obtained as a whole have been worth the price? There isn’t the least doubt in our minds that the cause is a worthy one, but it is most certainly taking a long time to establish itself, on a firm and worthy basis.

Subject Area

Music education|Teacher education

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Richard, Conrad A, "Development of the Methods of Teaching Music in American Public Schools" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29336480.