Written Diocesan Regulations for Catholic Schools in the United States

Mary Agatho Ford, Fordham University


A survey such as the one the investigator presents herewith to those interested in the field of Catholic Education, should, perhaps, be prefaced by a brief history of the Catholic School System in the United States. This would, however, take notably from the time and energy required for a complete analysis and presentation of the topic immediately under consideration, namely, the present written regulations of Diocesan School Boards and Diocesan Superintendents governing the Catholic schools of the United States. Therefore, a consideration of conditions as they exist at present seems more significant for a better understanding of the data presented in the following chapters.

Subject Area

Religious education

Recommended Citation

Ford, Mary Agatho, "Written Diocesan Regulations for Catholic Schools in the United States" (1937). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29336618.