Prevalent Concept and Treatment of the Problem in Arithmetic

Milton Salit, Fordham University


The progress made by man in the understanding of his physical environment has enabled him to exercise increasing control over that environment. The progress he has made in developing and organizing social institutions has promoted general welfare. Success in both lines of endeavor has been proportional to man's understanding of relationships. Not least among the various kinds of relationships are quantitative relationships, the exact expression of which requires the use of measurement and number. From the construction of a chair to the building of a skyscraper; from the keeping of a simple expense tabulation to the financial budget of our country; from the keeping of a record of school attendance to the taking of census, - in all these activities man is engaged in solving mathematical problems.

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Salit, Milton, "Prevalent Concept and Treatment of the Problem in Arithmetic" (1931). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29336632.