Supervisory Practices of Health Education Supervisors in the Public Schools of New York City

John Michael O'Shea, Fordham University


The problem. This study attempts to discover what are the supervisory practices of health education supervisors in the public schools of New York City. By the term practices is meant the customary actions, performances, operations or proceedings of supervisors, such as: visiting and observing teachers at work; examining plan books, and evaluating teacher activity; keeping cumulative records and submitting reports; holding individual conferences with teachers; arranging for grade and intergrade meetings; providing for demonstration lessons; suggesting educational projects; directing professional study; recommending professional courses; appraising textbooks; assisting in curriculum construction; attending and addressing school meetings; testing and classifying pupils; making special programs; and aiding teachers in conducting graduation, field day, and park fete exercises. The term supervisory, as used in this study, means the act of overseeing, inspecting, superintending and examining. The term health education supervisor is used to denote those persons who have specialized in one particular branch of study, health education, and who direct the work in that especial subject in more than one school.

Subject Area

Public Health Education|Health education

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O'Shea, John Michael, "Supervisory Practices of Health Education Supervisors in the Public Schools of New York City" (1938). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29336641.