Teaching English by the Project Method

Marie McGilvray, Fordham University


The above quotation taken from Dewey implies the constant change that is going on in educational fields for it is a fact that social life is constantly changing. If "Education is life," then, it too, must of necessity change in content and in manner of presentation. Again, if, "Education is life, " the child must be made the center of education; courses of study, method and organization must give way to meet the needs of the child - for even as "star different from star in glory" so does child differ from child in mentality, ability and in aptitude. This continual change that has made itself felt in education, leads us to consider one of Education’s latest phases, the Project.

Subject Area

Education|American literature

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McGilvray, Marie, "Teaching English by the Project Method" (1927). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI29336656.