Why Are You Here?: Exploring the Personal Motivations of Leaders in Cristo Rey Schools

Elizabeth Mary Parr, Fordham University


Cristo Rey Schools are combatting Catholic school closure across the country (Brinig & Garnett, 2012; Cristo Rey Network, n.d). While the threat of Catholic school closures sweeps the nation, one network of schools continues to grow, regularly opening and staffing new schools (Cristo Rey Network, n.d). The purpose of this multiple case study was to understand leaders’ perceptions of their motivation to work in Cristo Rey Network schools, amongst a climate of Catholic school closure. Participants in this study included presidents, principals, and directors of corporate work study at three case schools. Interviews, focus groups, and document analysis were coded and triangulated using Creswell’s (2013) Data Analysis Spiral and analyzed using Herzberg’s Motivation Theory. The researcher presented five findings related to the research questions. Leaders are motivated by hard work, an experienced leadership team, their community, career exploration, and developing student-leader relationships. The findings of this study can be used to identify and understand the types of leaders attracted to work in Cristo Rey Network schools.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Religious education|Education

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Parr, Elizabeth Mary, "Why Are You Here?: Exploring the Personal Motivations of Leaders in Cristo Rey Schools" (2023). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30249410.