Education in the Monastery of Cluny During the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries

Timothy Ronald Charshaf, Fordham University


Europe from the sixth to eleventh century went through a period commonly referred to by historians as the "Dark Ages." It was an era fraught with invasions and disruptions of life as it had been known. The cultural level seemed to have reached a low unequaled in preceding centuries. One group of historians explains it as follows: Though doubtless the sun shone as brightly then as in any other age, it was a time when European civilization suffered a series of grave set-backs and something of an eclipse. There were, though, islands of culture and civilization to be found where learning and an advanced standard of life were preserved. The Irish monastic foundations were me example of this sort. Another was the result of the work of Charlemagne and Alcuin in reforming the monasteries and educational system of ninth century Caul.

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Charshaf, Timothy Ronald, "Education in the Monastery of Cluny During the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries" (1959). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30308727.