Public Relations Practices in the Catholic Secondary Schools of the Diocese of Trenton

Mary Josita O'Hara, Fordham University


The public relations program in a Catholic secondary school is, perhaps, as essential to its effectiveness as any phase of its curricular offerings except Religion. The common desire of school people is that all the people of this nation understand their aims and problems, that the public benefit through the offerings and achievements of their educational program, and that the public approve the innovations necessary for a richer school life. public understanding and public support are fundamental to the success of schools. This is equally true of the Catholic and the public schools. No time before in the history of education in our country has lay participation in the planning of our educational program been as necessary as it is at the present time. Hence, it is imperative that Catholic educators interpret their program in such a way that it will be understood and appreciated by the various publics. The reports that Catholic schools have received from educational accrediting agencies, the articles appearing daily in the newspapers stating that students of Catholic schools have placed first in many fields of scholastic competition, and the fact that many of these graduates have been recognized as leaders in various civic enterprises all give abundant evidence of the achievements of these schools• Beyond this, the various publics are eager to have the schools’ program and policies interpreted in their entirety.

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O'Hara, Mary Josita, "Public Relations Practices in the Catholic Secondary Schools of the Diocese of Trenton" (1957). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30308753.