Alterity in Hegel

J. Murray Murdoch, Fordham University


Levinas and other contemporary thinkers have claimed that the philosophy of “the other” provides a devastating critique of systematic rationality as such and of Hegel as a paradigm case thereof. The critique links an ethical moment and socio-political issues to a thorough-going critique of Hegelian metaphysics and the dialectical method. I articulate the meaning of alterity as a critique of Hegel through Levinas and Marx, and then discuss possible Hegelian responses to this criticism. I conclude that this critique of Hegel pertains to the character of his final synthesis rather than to questions of difference and identity, and challenge the interpretation of Hegelian closure as the realization of eschatology.

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Murdoch, J. Murray, "Alterity in Hegel" (2002). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI3037225.