Iterative Quantum Search in a Hybrid System

Zihao Jiang, Fordham University


Today, the development of quantum computing systems has attracted widespread attention from society. Many research institutes and companies hope to use quantum computers to accelerate tasks that classical computers have difficulty accomplishing. Many companies such as IBM, Xanadu, and Microsoft have already started to provide universal quantum computing systems to the public. Grover’s algorithm is a quantum search algorithm that can effectively improve search efficiency. IQuCS builds upon Grover’s algorithm by converting data into binary (index, value) pairs and using iterative filtering methods to save on qubits consumption. We proposed an improved version of IQuCS, called IQuSearch, which is based on IQuCS. By enhancing the filtering method and removing the threshold, IQuSearch significantly reduces the number of iterations and qubits consumption. Experimental comparisons show that IQuSearch achieves up to 77% reduction in qubits consumption compared to IQuCS, and up to 86.4% reduction compared to the original Grover’s algorithm. IQuSearch also proposed new methods to updating value and restoring their original index in each iteration.

Subject Area

Computer science|Information science

Recommended Citation

Jiang, Zihao, "Iterative Quantum Search in a Hybrid System" (2023). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30488136.