Rehabilitation of the Tuberculous as a Teamwork Process

Gloria Carmen Seale, Fordham University


"Tuberculosis is a complicated, destructive, expensive illness which, if it is to be controlled and eventually eradicated, calls for a strong, well-planned attack on many fronts." Foremost among the weapons of attack is the effort to help the patient adjust to a slightly different world than that he left when he was a well man. A tuberculous will often recover his health, but he retains the tubercle bacillus in his tissues for the rest of his life. The degree or standard of his health will be reduced and subject to change whenever there is stress or strain. Consequently, he is a handicapped person who must guard against exceeding his physical limitations. This may mean in some instances that his methods of living and of earning a livelihood must be adjusted or changed. Many afflicted with tuberculosis need help and guidance during this period of transition from illness back to the routine of home and business life.

Subject Area

Epidemiology|Public health|Social work

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Seale, Gloria Carmen, "Rehabilitation of the Tuberculous as a Teamwork Process" (1951). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30509512.