A Study of Cardinal McCloskey School and Home, 1941-1951

Rosemary Cotter, Fordham University


Those who give thought to society are trying to build a better world, one free from war, poverty, famine, ignorance and prejudice, one with leadership for better and happier living. There is a great deal of discussion now about priorities - priorities in automobiles, tires, steel and other materials that are absolutely essential for a nation’s continued life. There is, however, little emphasis placed on children, this one third of the nation, as a priority. They are "essential material", much more important than the rest, for out of them the nation itself is built. They are the strong and clear-eyed citizens who will defend it in future days and carry it forward to greater achievement.

Subject Area

Sociology|Social work

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Cotter, Rosemary, "A Study of Cardinal McCloskey School and Home, 1941-1951" (1952). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30509555.