A Position Survey of Children's Center, New York City, January to May, 1950

Joseph Adrien Judge, Fordham University


The basic requirement for personnel administration in large Civil Service organizations is position - classification or the analysis and subsequent allocation of individual positions into groups or classes on the basis of similarity of duties and responsibilities. This process proceeds on an impersonal basis. It regards a position as composed of a certain set of duties and responsibilities which are assignable to one individual. Preliminary to position - classification the duties of every position in an organization must be ascertained and described without reference to the actual qualifications, compensation or skill of the incumbent. The employee may have ability to carry out his duties as satisfactorily as might be described, or he may have additional skills not called for in the position. These are descriptive of him alone and therefore irrevalent to classification. Positions and not individuals are to be analyzed, described and classified.

Subject Area

Public administration|Health care management|Social work

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Judge, Joseph Adrien, "A Position Survey of Children's Center, New York City, January to May, 1950" (1951). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30509591.