Historical Sketch of the Parole Commission of the City of New York, 1915-1952

Sylvia Newburger Rachlin, Fordham University


Background of the Study. A vivid recollection of the work of the Parole Commission of the City of New York is the 1 case of Joan. This highly intelligent, self-supporting young woman had been convicted and sent to prison for forgery. The Commission undertook a comprehensive and detailed study of her background. A social history revealed that she had been an only child, with an emotionally deprived childhood. Further, there had been a broken home, economic difficulties, and, after the death of her parents, life in a home where she had felt rejected by her foster parents. Her health history were essentially negative. School reports indicated a high intellectual capacity, good academic progress, and good conduct. Her interpersonal relationships were described as excellent, although, at times, she seemed to withdraw herself considerably. A complete psychiatric study revealed serious emotional conflicts, with anti-social trends deeply rooted in the subconscious. In accordance with its practice of individual treatment of the offender, the Commission obtained the services of an eminent psychiatrist.

Subject Area

Law|Social psychology|Social work

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Rachlin, Sylvia Newburger, "Historical Sketch of the Parole Commission of the City of New York, 1915-1952" (1952). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557619.