The William Hodson Center An Historical Survey of a Day Center, 1943-1950

Angelo Mario Patrissi, Fordham University


Background and Timeliness of the Study. All population data point to an ever increasing older population. Throughout the history of Social Welfare services, some provision has always been made to care for the aged. Today we are becoming more aware of the problems of the aged. The community too, is realizing its responsibility to the older people who are no longer able to continue in industry and who wish to preserve their independence without seeking refuge in homes for the aged. What was once mainly an economic or financial question has now become an important casework-group work problem, that of dealing with the older person, an individual who, through various circumstances, finds himself unable to conform to the changing patterns of life. From our expanded Social Security program we can see that attempts are being made to provide more adequately for our increasing old age population.

Subject Area

Social work|Aging|Gerontology

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Patrissi, Angelo Mario, "The William Hodson Center An Historical Survey of a Day Center, 1943-1950" (1952). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557620.