The Project Method Its Genesis and Its Application in the High School

Elizabeth Veronica Caveney, Fordham University


To create an appreciation of the Project Method as a method of teaching, to attempt to eulogize it as the last word in pedagogy, to deliver a didactic diatribe on its merits above all other ways of developing the young mind — these are far beyond the aspirations of this little treatise. Nor is it the intention of the writer to set forth her creed as the true method of teaching and studying in our secondary schools. On reflection, I have decided to ask you to come with me to the workshops of those who have "trod the boards" and sounded the depths of pedagogy. Let us examine their findings thoroughly, with a view to getting the gist of the matter and evolving a definition which will be universally applicable. The truth of the method may be tested by comparing the types which several of the promoters of the idea present as criteria of a safe and sound method.

Subject Area

Pedagogy|Higher education|Higher Education Administration|Social work

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Caveney, Elizabeth Veronica, "The Project Method Its Genesis and Its Application in the High School" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557686.