Method and Procedure for the Survey of a Health Education Department in Secondary Schools

Frank A Hulshof, Fordham University


Health education as it is understood at present in the public schools in New York City and probably throughout the United States generally, is one of the least comprehended subjects in the field of education. Educators conversant with the problems of scholastic training are unacquainted with the technique, organization, and administration of physical education. This subject has sort of slipped into the curriculum largely over the protest of the scholasticists and has been given scant attention by them. While theoretically the scholastics agree that physical education and health education are of primary significance, their training and temperament has precluded a proper study of this subject. Generally speaking, throughout the secondary schools, the management of physical education departments is left, by the principal entirely to the heads of departments of physical training. So long as they are not troubled by matters of discipline thw work is permitted to sail along without much show of Interest from them and without any attempt on their part to modify or guide the course of the work. In view of the fact that the principals are generally lacking in any knowledge of the subject,it is fortunate that they take no hand in it’s guidance. It has been our experience after an observation of a large number of high schools that the facilities are not always used to the best advantage, that some equipment is entirely neglected, that some equipment that is used, is improperly used, that parts of the plant designated for special problems, for example, corrective exercising rooms, are defectively operated, owing to the fact that few teachers have been adequately prepared for conducting this type of work, Principals are not generally aware of the deficiencies above mentioned, owing to the fact that they never had the opportunity of learning the objectives of a physical education department or the manner in which these objectives should be obtained.

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Secondary education|Management|Physical education|Health education

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Hulshof, Frank A, "Method and Procedure for the Survey of a Health Education Department in Secondary Schools" (1928). ETD Collection for Fordham University. AAI30557692.